How To Care For Your Items


  • Never put your knives in the dishwasher
  • Clean the knife as soon as you are done using 
  • Clean with mild soap solution 
  • Dry quickly 
  • Put a small amount of oil on the blade for temp protection using cooking oils on chef knives ( olive , vegetable , corn, etc ) 
  • Use 3 in 1 oil on non cooking knives ( hunting or military ) 
  • Best protection is to use a  wax like E.J. Wheaton or Renaissance Microcrystalline . Wax is better than oil. Oil can trap dirt. Wax is an excellent protector . 
  • protect the knife before putting in drawer. 
  • Do not store your metal knives in a leather sheath without a good coating of wax or oil and/or plastic wrap for long time storage. Leather can attract moisture and effect the blade 
  • If your damascus blade gets dirty  with little rust, oxidation, etc use a metal polish ( like MAAS , or fritz ) to clean it up. 
  • if you have a sheath for your knife keep it very clean.. Avoid Dirt in the sheath .