Hand made Knives From
New hampshire

Usable Art - Chef / hunting / military

New Hampshire - USA Made

Needs to look good , function well , proud to wear or display

Imagine products

I have lots of ideas in my head on what makes a great knife. If you have an idea on what would make a great knife let’s collaborate. I create the blades, handles, and sheaths.


I use quality Damascus made to my specs, and engineered steel from the finest suppliers. Use exotic woods from all over the world, wood that I dried for years, custom resin castings, acrylics, stone and composite material for handles.


I am particular with what I think is a quality product. If you are not excited once you receive your product let me know ASAP. Buying online is different than buying at one of our shows or shop. Pictures are sometimes hard to get the entire feel of the product.

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