Here are some pictures of the  knife making process.  I start the process by drawing up what my customer is looking for.

I use the stock removal process to make my knives.  I buy a quality  flat stock steel and remove steel until the desired shape is achieved.

The picture below shows a block of O1 steel with the pattern of the knife I plan to make.



Steel selection is critical. I picked O1 for this particular knife because it hardens well and is very durable. I also use 440c stainless ( highest quality stainless steel).


Here I am grinding the bevel into the blade .



Once it is shaped the steel needs to be hardened.  O1 steel  needs to be heated to 1450 degrees F.  This is done in a brick forge using gas heat.

17 side]

The knife is then cooled by an oil quenching process. This makes the knife very hard but also brittle. Then the knife is tempered in an oven at a much lower temperature for a couple of hours which softens it up slightly so it is not so brittle.




After final grinding its time to put on a bolster . Using the same pin material as the bolster, we are able to make the pins disappear after peening pins and grinding them flat. This process makes a very strong mechanical bond of the bolster to the blade .



Next Step is to design the handle and cut out the appropriate pieces.




The pieces are glued  using  special metal to wood epoxy.  It is then sanded to shape all the way through to 1000 grit . It is  then buff on buffing wheel all the way up to polishing rouge .

Bekow  is a picture of a finished knife.

Justin finished knife


Next step to is craft a sheath. See making a sheath page